Cave Works is an ALL NEW, active learning experience built on the foundation of the popular Adventure Tour. Student groups participating in Cave Works will discover, identify and learn the characteristics of cave dwelling life.

Students will use lanterns to explore a non-toured portion of Fantastic Caverns where they’ll have the opportunity to find cavefish, cave crayfish and evidence of bats and other cave life.

Cave Works is available only during January, February and March. This special, 90-minute program includes the all-riding educational cave tour and takes place entirely inside the caverns where it’s always a warm 60 degrees. CAVE WORKS is recommended for grades 3 and up.

Summer Discovery

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Summer Discovery is designed with children’s groups and summer schools in mind. Participating students will ply their skills on a mineral sluice, panning for native Missouri mineral samples, then working on classification and identification of their treasures.

This unique, specialty program takes place at the Outdoor Classroom located just below the cavern entrance. The 90-minute program includes the all-riding tour through the caverns. Summer Discover is only available during June, July and August.

The Educational Cave Tour

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The Educational Cave Tour at Fantastic Caverns is available throughout the year and is suitable for all grade levels. This 55-minute all-riding cave tour enhances understanding of caves, karst, cave life, groundwater, and both the natural and recorded history of the Ozarks.

Fees *

A charge of $5.25 per student (grades K-8) applies through the 2002-2003 school year. Teachers and bus drivers receive complimentary admission. Extra adults receive our reduced rate of $11.50. Note: These rates are extended to groups of 20 ore more (maximum 60 people). All tickets must be purchased collectively.